Eurotec™ Garage Storage System_
Garage Storage System, bins shelves cabinets solution
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Eurotec™ Garage Storage System
Comatec Inc., designers and manufacturers of the patented Eurotec™ System, is pleased to present our new innovative line of storage components and organizers suitable for any garage, basement or storeroom.

Built in aluminum, our durable system is easy to install and is completely customizable to your present and future requirements. Available as wall units, the wide variety of storage shelves, bins, racks, hooks, cabinets and other accessories also makes this one of the most flexible and cost-effective systems on the market. So whether your requirement is storage or organization, or both, the Eurotec™ Storage System is limited only by your imagination.

Eurotec™ Garage Storage System - your bins, shelves, and cabinets solution.
Garage System, bins shelves cabinets solution
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We welcome inquiries from garage outfitters, renovation contractors, and storage solution companies.
The patented EUROTEC™ System delivers:
- UP TO DATE DESIGN with built in
- STRENGTH as strong as heavy duty steel but extremely
- LIGHTWEIGHT manufactured in aluminum
- LOADCAPACITY up to 200 lbs. per full width shelf
- DURABILITY through extra strength aluminum
- QUALITY workmanship ensures you receive
- VALUE for your money and the large variety of
- EUROTEC™ components gives you unlimited
- FLEXIBILITY to organize your garage with the
- SIMPLICITY of installation you will save time and can
- EXPAND your storage space whenever you are ready for more
All 4Garage storage components are manufactured in house.
For inquiries, or to place an order, please call Toll Free: 1-888-266-2832
Eurotec™ Garage Storage System - your bins, shelves, and cabinet solution.