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Comatec metal fixtures
At Comatec Inc. we design and manufacture custom quality metal fixtures for an enhanced selling environment. Together with you we create fixture concepts that will present your merchandise to perfection and will fascinate your customers through elegance and innovation... Comatec Inc. is the exclusive owner of the patented Eurotec™ system. Eurotec™ offers the ultimate in form and function for any store design. With the built-in strength of Eurotec, you can display items that weigh up to 200 pounds per slot. Try doing that on your present display fixturing! Give Eurotec any display challenge and your requirements and expectations will not only be met, but also exceeded. Strength and durability of our metal fixtures mean added value for your store fixturing dollar.
We also offer our Creations line of metal furnishings and accessories for the corporate setting and executive home environment. Designed and manufactured exclusively by Comatec Inc., these sophisticated and elegant metal pieces will appeal to your sense of style and imagination.
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